Cell and gene therapies come with their own market access challenges, from both the payer and industry perspective. This white paper highlights the key factors and strategies that market access teams should consider to optimise market access for cell and gene therapies.

How to Price a Pharmaceutical Product during a Global Economic Recession

With a global economic recession expected as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first webinar of our Expert Insights series brought together a panel of payers and industry representatives to discuss the impact that this will have on pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement and market access. This white paper summarises the discussions that took place. Inside, […]

Excellence In Payer Engagement: Strategic Outputs From A Roundtable Discussion

Collaboration, communicating value and building trust are essential strategic outputs that help to drive engagement with payers. To gain insight into how to improve the partnership between industry and payers, read our white paper.

Maintaining Market Access Continuity Through A Global Pandemic White Paper

Discover the current and future impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on business continuity and gain insight into the potential future direction of market access and healthcare post-COVID-19.

Drug Pricing
Confidential contracting: The road to flexible pricing

As value-based pricing becomes a popular model within life sciences industries, with it comes uncertainties and concerns for payers, which need considering.

Market Access Strategy
Explaining the price of your product

It’s more important than ever to communicate your product’s value story. Gain expert insight and guidance to help you define the price of your product.

Market Access Experts
The vicious circle of pharmaceutical tendering

In today’s pharmaceutical landscape, what exactly does the tendering process entail? What impact is it having on competition in the market? What risks does it impose? And what does it mean to play the pricing game? This white paper provides the answers to these questions as we discuss the role of tendering, its importance, but also the risks to be aware of.

Market Access Insights
Real-world evidence: Hurdles and the holy grail

What are the opportunities and benefits real-world evidence and real-world data offer? What challenges do they present? And how can we overcome them to enhance your market access strategy?

This white paper provides evidence-backed answers to the industry’s most burning questions