Valid News, Market Access Insights – Vol 01, Issue 02

In Volume 01, Issue 02, we discuss how market access complexities in healthcare continue to escalate. To combat these complexities, the methods to evaluate and quantify the value of a clinical or medical product are becoming increasingly multifaceted. Strategic pricing and reimbursement is required to work around pricing protocols and value-based reimbursement guidelines. Engagement solutions grow in importance, to open and maintain stakeholder dialogues and negotiations. Market access challenges are even more complex for products such as biobetters, orphan drugs, and ultra-orphan drugs, which is also discussed.



Valid News, Market Access Insights – Vol 01, Issue 01

Valid News, Market Access Insights is our newsletter. In Volume 01, Issue 01, we provide advice on how to weather pricing competition and prepare for reimbursement, as well as explain the role of confidential contracting for flexible pricing. The growing importance of patient-reported outcomes is also discussed. A global market access news round-up and company news will appear in this and future issues of Valid News.


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