Covid 19 Blog Post
How will the COVID-19 Pandemic affect pricing and market access in the short- and long- term?

Maintaining market access activities through the global COVID-19 pandemic has been vital to ensure access to medicines for patients. In our first webinar of the Expert Insight series in March 2020, we spoke to experts about the expected outcomes of the pandemic. Six months on, Valid Insight held another webinar with a panel of industry […]

Reflecting on an extraordinary year at Valid Insight

The world is quite a different place than it was 12 months ago. That said, there is light at the end of the tunnel and Valid Insight have continued to innovate in 2020.

pharmaceutical pricing
Contracting options for pharmaceutical pricing

Clinical and financial value are drivers for success in the pharma industry. But without efficient, targeted pharmaceutical pricing and adequate contracting schemes, the success of any product is not ensured. Read our blog to learn more about suitable pharmaceutical pricing and contracting schemes, including value-based pricing, which address payer and industry uncertainties.

Pharmaceutical pricing
Pharmaceutical pricing during a recession

With a global economic recession expected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a panel of payers and industry representatives discussed the impact that this will have on pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement and market access, and strategies to mitigate the impact. Read this Valid Insight blog for a summary of the discussions and market access support.

Pharmaceutical Pricing
How to justify pricing to payers

Choosing the right price for your product and justifying it to payers can be a challenge, but Valid Insight can help. Read more to discover the pricing options that are available to you, the importance of your product’s value story, and step-by-step guidance to better define your pricing internally and to authorities.

Valid Insight Value Story
Developing the optimal value story for your product

There are many different elements to consider when developing a value story for a new pharmaceutical product. With early planning and all the key components considered, a strong value story will communicate the full value of a product and provide optimum support with market access and pharmaceutical pricing activities.

Homeworking: The positives and tips from our experience

The current social distancing measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 are essential and many companies have closed their offices and facilities, asking their employees to work from home.  Whilst most will have worked from home periodically, longer periods can become difficult for some, as we miss the social norms and interactions of the workplace.

Market Access Strategy
The place of real-world evidence in the market access strategy

The fourth and final blog in our latest series focuses on market access strategy. This follows our evaluation of the role of real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) in Real-world challenges and real-world data, understanding the payer’s perspective, in Payers use real-world data cautiously, and seeing the views of both advocates and opponents of […]

Pharmaceutical Reimbursement
How do companies prepare for reimbursement?

Market Access functions have one major objective: to achieve rapid reimbursement (coverage, funding) at an acceptable price for their products. Over the last 10 years, we have witnessed how companies – from very small ones to large top ten corporations – try to handle this. We are certain that most companies believe they do it […]

Patient reported outcomes
The growing clinical importance of patient-reported outcomes (PROs)

Traditionally, the success or otherwise of medical treatments has been assessed by mortality or clinical assessments of health. However, patient self-reports of health are increasingly seen as central to the evaluation of health and healthcare interventions. In the Valid Insight webinar ‘Patient-reported outcomes in clinical trials and studies,’ we discussed the clinical implications of PROs […]